Our services include:

Preventative medicine
Women’s health
Men’s health
Children’s health
Family planning
Skin checks
Chronic disease management
Asthma checks
Diabetes checks
Minor surgery


This practice provides a full immunisation service. Where practicable immunisations are provided with the assistance of our practice nurse. In most cases these services can be bulk-billed.

Surgical procedures

Minor surgery such as excision of skin lesions and repair of lacerations are performed at the surgery under local anaesthetic. All reusable instruments are sterilised in an autoclave. Generally it is necessary for the doctor to assess a skin lesion at an initial consultation before booking the excision. Lacerations are of course attended to as soon as possible. Removal of sutures is included in the fee for the procedure and is therefore “no charge”.

Pathology results

When pathology items (blood tests etc) are requested, your doctor will generally indicate to you the procedure for obtaining the results. This may be by attending the surgery again or by phone. In many cases the doctor will authorise the receptionists to pass on information to you. The receptionists are not trained to interpret pathology results and will only be able to pass on information as given to them. Receptionists are bound by the same rules of confidentiality as doctors, but if you have any special concerns about the handling of pathology results tell your doctor. Results of sensitive tests such as HIV tests will not be given by receptionists and you must attend in person to receive the result.