Fees for Telehealth

Due to changes made to Medicare, as of the 10th of January 2022 we will no longer be able to Bulk bill all Telephone and Video consultations. There will now be a slight gap fee, this will be applied at the Doctor’s discretion. You will be notified via text message after the consult if there is a charge and be required to pay this fee, before we send off any scripts.

Fees for Telephone consults

Level B – Phone call lasting less than 20 minutes – $50 (Medicare Rebate – $39.10)

Level C – Phone calls Longer than 20 minutes – $80 (Medicare Rebate – $39.10)

Fees for Video Consults

Level B – Video Call lasting less than 20 minutes – $60 (Medicare Rebate: $39.10)

Level C – Video call lasting at least 20 minutes $96 (Medicare Rebate: $75.75)

We will continue to bulk bill Phone and Video consults for concession card holders and patients 16 years and under

Payment can be made either over the phone (by credit card) or in person (when you collect scripts)